08 January 2009

Village Wedding Revisited (35) - the Second Onlooker

You can see in the smaller photograph what a marvellous view this man has - see his window very high on the right?

There was another onlooker at the wedding - remember the old lady with the painful hands? Click on the link to view.

Caption Competition from yesterday - results tomorrow.

Update on Mama Mia and Mistral on Postcards from 'Pension Milou' today.


  1. c'est la fête avec tous ces musiciens.
    it's party with all these musicians ..

  2. What tales this man can tell about events in the street below.

  3. beautiful photo's Jilly! They each tell a story.

  4. I think he's a widower reflecting on the ups and downs of marriage.

    Re the caption for yesterday, I'll say it in French, as he probably did:
    "tu sais, moi je l'ai déja fait !"

    But like many others, I find the best part of the photo is the laughing trio on the right. Ha !

  5. Finally success! I've tried all morning to get to this comment section without success. Computer voodoo again. Love the flowers as a focal point and the way the shutters frame the central figure. Nice!

  6. Kate, responding to your comment on the First Onlooker, I don't know if she has seen it - she's very old but all the main participants have and I heard today that the newly marrieds, family and friends are checking every day to see the photos. It's such a pleasure for me that they are enjoying them. I plan an Album of all the photos when I'm finished which I'll be sending to various family members in the village.

  7. What a beautiful day in a beautiful town. I hope that man is grateful for his view!

    That couple is lucky you photographed their wedding. These photos are vibrant! (Of course, so is the couple and the wedding party!)

  8. It is a very nice picture. I like it a lot.

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  9. It makes it such a wonderful series of posts to know that the main participants are following too. I wonder the young man remembers what he DID say?

    I am glad you provided the link back to the older lady with the arthritic hands - reminds me so much of my grandmother.

  10. What a great day for a wedding and his flowers are lovely.....

  11. Love the window shot! The window shutters and flowers are simply spectacular.


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