16 January 2009

Village Wedding Revisited (43) - the Tomboy

All the children at the wedding were just delightful. French and Italian children are so much part of life here and are used to eating out with their parents so today was just another day, albeit a special one. Dare I say it, they know how to behave.

The adorable little girl in the middle of the photograph - you see her again on the left - turned up in many photographs. She had so much energy, she never stopped laughing, and she seemed to be everywhere. A little tomboy. Actually she reminded me of myself as a child!

I didn't know if there was a word for 'tomboy' in French and it appears to be garçon manqué but of course in English it can be used for a girl. Whether or not it is in French, I don't know.

And the beautiful child dressed in white - you can see her portrait HERE.

Update on Mama Mia and Mistral - please click on the link.


  1. The children are beautiful, you are right! But, what stands out for me are the short sleeves and bare legs...how many more months till summer? :-)

  2. Another fun photo, Jilly!

    Garçon manqué yes, that's the name we would use for a girl who does all the active/sporty/dary/scary things that a boy would do.

    I don't find the name very relevant today when there isn't such a difference in the way you bring up boys and girls. I certainly never expected or wanted my daughters to be of the girly girl type although one turned up to be!

  3. (correction)... turned OUT to be.

  4. photo posée, elles sont mignonnes ;o)

  5. Very nice photos. I like them all.

    Thanks for your visits.

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    Abraham Lincoln's Blog

  6. Jilly,
    This series has been delightful. Every day a special something. These girls are so adorable. Well done!


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