03 February 2009

The Donkey Track to Gorbio - from Road to the Track

We've turned left at the top of my track and we are walking along the main road towards the beginning of the donkey track. (See smaller photo.)

High up on the left you see Gorbio village - that's where we are going. We're looking at the back of the Château des Comptes de Malaussene, not the normal view we see of the village. Please click on the link to see Gorbio village from the other side.

In the main photo we see the gated entrance to a judge's house (this was restored a few years ago) and to the right, just by the pale green structure is the entrance to the donkey track.

Tomorrow - we are on our way.


  1. j'ai bien envie de rentrer dans la propriété, elle semble très sympathique.

  2. Oh Jilly, we are with you every step of the way (as we look out on our snow covered, ice bound path!)

  3. I'm already huffing and puffing but I'm still with you! V

    Give Les Girls a smooch for me!

  4. A nice walk reminiscent of Les lettres de mon moulin...for me anyway.

  5. I'll make sure I take my walking shoes when I come, Jilly! I'm really looking forward to doing this walk for good soon if I can.

  6. Wonderful excursion you are taking us on ... I especially liked the donkey track to Gorbio.


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