23 February 2009

Nathalie in Rue Longue

One of the many joys of being part of the City Daily Photo community is meeting other CDP bloggers. Already I've had the immense pleasure of meeting Fabrizio from Turin, Sally and her family from Sydney and the Benauts from Adelaide and recently I had a real treat when Nathalie from Avignon in Photos came to visit.

Nathalie has long inspired me. I love the detail in her work, I love her shadows and her reflections and her street art. I love her photography. Walking around with her was fascinating. Nathalie sees shadows and reflections before anything else. Earlier, I had told her there are no political posters in Menton - she found them here in Rue Longue!

Nathalie takes her time framing a shot. She knows when a shot won't work because the light is all wrong. We swapped cameras, we laughed, we had such fun.

The smaller photo is the scene Nathalie was photographing when I photographed her - a perfect example of what I mean when talking about her wonderful shadows. (Please click to enlarge) And for a Nathalie reflection go to Monte Carlo Daily Photo today.

And on Avignon in Photos today you'll find two photos Nathalie took of Gorbio village.


  1. sympathique cette rencontre entre bloggueur.

  2. Always great to meet fellow photographers. Maybe one day Gail & I will visit Monte Carlo, or you come and see Nottingham.

  3. Gail's Man, you and Gail are welcome ANY TIMe and thanks for the invitation too. It's great when we fellow-bloggers actually meet. I so agree.

  4. Absolutely agree about meeting other cpd bloggers. If you are ever in the vicinity Jilly ...
    coz i am absolutely sure that not only for me but for many others too you are a wonderful inspiration too.

  5. What fun and don't sell yourself short, you always know what makes a photo work!
    Love both of these shots :)

  6. So we finally have a glimpse of THE eye of Avignon!!!
    You did a great job for showing us all we needed to see, the eye in front of the camera.
    You two must have had a great time.

  7. I stopped and read your blog and looked at the photograph. I just wanted you to know. I enjoyed reading about Nathalie.

  8. Since portraiture is my favorite, I immensely enjoyed this one of Natalie. You two sound like you had a wonderful time together. Thanks for the other links, too.

  9. We can see that it's a bit chilly in Gorbio that day. N is well wrapped up.

    A fine tribute to a great snapper, J.

    Well done both!

  10. Nathalie looking as lovely as always. Great portrait of her Jilly. And N, LOVE LOVE this lantern shot. Ohhhhh those shadows. Very very nice.

  11. Nice shot of Nathalie and of her shadow shot. It's always interesting to go shooting with someone else and compare photos at the end of the day.

  12. Lovely to hear you met. It's great to share photography and blogging, especially if you get to meet. Kind regards to both of you!

  13. The photographic technique of Nathalie is known worldwide

  14. So you've met Fabrizio !
    I'm waiting him to visit Paris... before I move southward !
    Time for a "climate change" !

  15. Why do I never get out of Paris when I visit?
    Idiot-moi :(
    looks divine..


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