29 November 2009

The Cat Show - Over My Shoulder

This weekend there's a cat show at the Palais de l'Europe in Menton, so a good opportunity for me to practice with my new camera - a Panasonic Lumix GH1, which is a micro four thirds with a 14-140 lens - my first interchangeable lens camera and almost (not quite) a 'big girls' camera' - and it's light enough to carry around for hours. Much to learn tho with all the bells and whistles...

This superb little camera is a Panasonic variant of the Olympus micro-four thirds concept that would seem absolutely right for anyone who wants a light, small and seemingly perfect system. If you think I wrote the previous sentence, I didn't (!) - of course it was my mentor, Chuckeroon (see below) who I think secretly works for the Olympus publicity department)

This cat is waiting to be judged. I like the way the cat's eyes seem to match the colour of the trees outside in the Jardin Biovès.

So a beautiful pussy cat and a dedication to Chuckeroon of Richmond upon Thames Daily Photo who has now helped me choose my last two cameras and nursed me through the teething troubles and a million questions each time. What a friend! Thank you, dear Chuckeroon.

And a thankyou also to Richard from Zurich who was in on early discussions as to which camera to buy and approves the choice.

I knew neither of these great people before City Daily Photo - how fabulous and fortunate it is to have such valued blogging friends.


  1. You're right about the eyes, I wonder what could do the wild Red Ripper in a place like this...

  2. You're right about the valued blogging friends.
    I wonder what camera I would have bought had it not been for your recommendation of the previous Lumix FZ 18 !

  3. I'm sure part of the beauty of this shot is due to the new camera, but part is due to your amazing eye. This is an excellent composition.

  4. ........I'm not. I just like good kit.

  5. Good luck with your new camera. I am sure you will put it to very good use, as you have today.

  6. Oh what a fabulous kitty face!!! And I agree that you got a great camera Jilly and you seem to have hit the ground running with it. Wish mine were lighter with my new lens but I've whined about not enough zoom for so long I just need to shut up and enjoy it, oui? Keep practicing and you'll get the hang of Manual before you know it.

  7. We always wish better and better! I'm also often tented, but for the moment I resist! :-)

  8. Looking fwd to the cat show photos. And your new camera is a nice one. It shoots HD video too, right?

    manhattan beach, california

  9. Vogon Poet, I think that beautiful cat you posted today would cause havoc in this place!

    Thanks everyone for comments on the camera etc. Yes Rick, it has HD video capabilities (with great reviews) although I'm really not interested in that at the moment - perhaps one day.

  10. Love the photo of the cat - he sure has an interesting face.

    And, happy you have a new camera! Can't wait to see all the great photos you will take with it.

  11. Cute cat but he doesn't look too impressed...

  12. Love the face...a sort of feline Bibi.

  13. A new camera Jilly? Wow, how exciting!
    I'm sure you must be going through trying but thrilling times. Enjoy!
    I look forward to your photos with the new gear.

    That top photo is fantastic, both cat and owner !

  14. Congrats on the new camera! I wonder if CDP is keeping camera shops around the world busy.

    This cat is quite handsome, an adorable expression.


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