24 November 2009

No More Boules!

Not the most exciting photograph in the world but I want to show you Menton's Boules Club which is now no more. You see the actual boules courts (if that is the word) in the small photo - in process of being churned up by a mechanical digger.

Why? Well, in 2005 the city of Menton accepted the prestigious Severin Wunderman Collection, consisting of 1525 works by Jean Cocteau. Mr. Wunderman chose Menton because of the special relationship with the town. Cocteau was made an honorary citizen after he decorated a room for weddings at the Hotel de Ville (1956-1958) and restored the Bastion where his work is currently on display.

Menton committed itself to building a museum dedicated to the artist and this is where it will be. Of course there was a big fuss by the Boules Club but they were told they'd be given land to create a new club.

The museum is going to be fabulous and the donation is incredibly generous and will surely be of great interest, but meanwhile, where do the old men play boules? Where do they meet their friends to put the world to rights? I'll find out and let you know...


  1. des boules ou du Cocteau ? moi je préfère Cocteau

  2. Aw, not fair. I love to hear the click of the boules...

    I wonder if Jean Cocteau played boules, and if he'd object to their tearing down the club. I bet he didn't, though. Not the type!

  3. I managed to find a drawing of the future museum on the web. Trust that it will fit in well in the "landscape"!

    Yes, please find out how the boules players manage this situation! :-)

  4. How come the old women don't play the game?

  5. Peter, yes the museum to be looks impressive and hopefully will allow the beautiful market building to be seen. And Steffe, yes old women play boules and so do young men and young women!

  6. Now I will worry about the boules players until you update us...and I don't even know for certain what 'boules' is though I have an idea. The museum will be appreciated by everyone, I think, after it's finished...even the boules players, as long as they have a new home without too much delay.

  7. Oh Jilly, you know how much fun I had photographing the gents at the Luxembourg Gardens boules/ pétanque courts last summer. I can't imagine what the guys will do until a new place is found for them. They have such a grand time with other and the spectators as well! (moi included!) Now I"ve not seen any women playing. In fact not many even watched.

    Leave it to Peter to sniff out the info on the web. I swear he can find anything!!! I wouldn't know where to start!


  8. Boules versus museum? Huge dilemma.

  9. Like you I worry, Jilly :
    Where will the old men play boules? Where will they meet their friends to put the world to rights?

    This is SOOOOO important!


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