25 November 2009

Real Fish - Bateau Prosper

You can get great fish in Menton market and at various stalls and shops nearby but for the freshest fish, go down to Jetée Impératrice Eugénie and see it fresh off boat.

Don't go with a preconceived idea of what you want as it may not be there. You get what they caught that day and it will be good.

There are two or three fishing boats still working in Menton - only one fishing family still operates in Monaco.


  1. Wonderful pictures of the man.
    So few fishermen left?

  2. Such a a handsome face...I'd buy from him...and I think it's best to take what's fresh, then find a recipe!

  3. This would be wonderful...to buy the fish from the man who caught it. Most of us do not have that option available to us these days.

  4. Is it just me or does he resemble Prince Ranier? A fine looking fish seller. Great portraits here Jilly. Did you use that new camera?? :)

    PS Sorry my comments on Monte Carlo were so long. I thought after I could have just emailed you with all my chatter and questions.

  5. Virginia, it's still in the box and I'm working up the courage to open it!

  6. That French is so simple even I can read it. But what is it he's selling for 20 euros a kilogram? Too much for me. I hope that it is at least fresh out of the water behind him.

  7. Bob, he's selling Seiche which translates as cuttle fish, so yes, 20 euros seems an awful lot per kilo. Most of the fish at this stall were half that price and less. Fish isn't cheap tho.


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