22 November 2009


Masts seen over the wall of the Petit Port.

It looks like it was taken at sunset but in fact I took it at 9.30 in the morning on a dull day.


  1. What a beautiful "forest"!

  2. Amy, I'm going to add a few words along with the photo - I agree it looks like it was taken at sunset but in fact it was 9.30 in the morning on a dull day. Go figure!

  3. I like this, the composition, the details and the sky!:-)

  4. Somehow this post inspires me to write a poem...I'm not good at writing poetry, but the unfurled sails, the (now I know it's morning) budding day, the bird in flight...

    Very nice shot.

  5. Hey, great to see you waxing poetic, Bibi. Well done.

  6. Thanks for the visit, Jilly. Those colors you saw are now long gone down the stream, like your morning masts have turned out and left the harbor.

  7. Ohhhhhh. I didn't think you had dull gray days there!!!:) Well not many anyway. You made the best of it Jilly. This one is just lovely.

    PS I'm glad my post made you "fall about"! :)

  8. "Take me down to the sea again
    To the lonely ship and sky
    and all I ask is a tall ship
    and a star to steer her by"

    unknown author

    ah, for a sail off of Menton....

  9. It does look like sunset. Who would believe you could have such dull days in Menton:)

    It is a very nice picture too.

  10. simply artistic and clever use of pattern

  11. Sorry so few comments lately. I'm punching through to the end of this run of work mega-overload. I look at this picture and think: she live on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. I live on the banks of the Mississippi River. Who got the better deal?


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