16 January 2010

The Little Archway

These little archways join one side of a little street to another and are usual in medieval towns and villages. Many thanks to Dave and Graeme who explained in the comments that the archways are supports to prevent the walls of the houses falling out - like a flying buttress. I originally called this post 'The Little Bridge' but have since renamed it.

This one is in the Old Town of Menton.


  1. Are they usable at all today? Do they lead anywhere, like into the buildings with openable doors?

    Look through and under, see those 2 x 3 pots. I like those. Would love to see scarlet geraniums tumbling out of them.

    Some of the cabling on the bridge looks like it is for cable tv. What a wierd contrast!

  2. Totally charming. I love how organic it is with all those things growing in it!

  3. It seems as though it is impossible to walk too far in Mention without finding a subject "just perfect" for a photo. This one is as picturesque as many of your others.

  4. Nothing like an old arch to make a place feel lived in.

  5. This must be like a flying buttress.

    Your two photos yesterday were priceless. Julie loves to take photos of people, and your subjects were adorable, captured perfectly.

  6. Hi Jilly,

    The arches were and are built to prevent the walls of the buildings falling out.
    I came across this in Airole after the 1995? earthquake.
    As repairs to damaged buildings got under way, more of these arches appeared. That's when I found out the true reason for their existance.
    Happy new year to you.

  7. Dave and Graeme, thanks so much. I've changed the commentary and also the title. It's obviously an archway and not a bridge! Many thanks again.

  8. Your photo reminds me of a scene I watched for one hour on the morning television series called, "Sunrise Earth." The other day there was this Muslim lady leading a cow down a path and the cow would stop and eat and then the two of them would move on to another spot.

    Beside them was an old Roman aqueduct. Its arches had supported the water for centuries.

    Every morning there is another place in the world where they stop and film the sunrise for one hour. The views in China were stunning.

  9. Dear Jilly,

    I just love your blog! I come here every day for a bit of virtual travel. :)

  10. A pleasant little arch, like an old shoulder to support each other.


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