07 June 2011

The Flowerpot Men

Someone in the gardens of the Palais Carnoles has had fun constructing these Flowerpot Men?

Anyone remember 'Bill and Ben Flowerpot Men? '
This video is from 1953.


Quelqu'un dans les jardins du Palais Carnoles a eu beaucoup de plaisir à construire ces Flowerpot Men?

Cette vidéo pour les enfants en Royaume Uni est de 1953. Bill and Ben Flowerpot Men!


  1. Yes I do remember Bill and Ben, I always remember the line 'pop up little weed' for some reason. Very cute Jilly, although I was only two tnen, I suddenely feel very old hahaha!

  2. Very funny and cute little people!

  3. Did you have to remind us young 'Oldies' Jilly?

  4. Anonymous07 June, 2011

    Nice + oldfashioned!! ;-))
    One of them sounds like Mr Bean...
    Maybe he was inspired by them??
    Have a nice evening!
    Regards from sunny Germany! Barbara

  5. I wonder if these smallest pots can be used for plants or only for little legs and arms. Great find!

  6. Jilly, I somehow missed Bill and Ben when I was growing up even though I was just the right age. Thank you for filling in a glaring gap in my education.

  7. superbe idée que ces hommes pot de fleurs


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