17 June 2011

Gardens: Maria Serena - the Stone Bench

Our last day at the gardens of the Villa Maria Serena - with a stone bench supported by a couple of weather-worn lions.

The views of the Old Town from this gardens are some of the best in Menton, so we'll doubtless return but for the moment, thanks so much for coming on this little garden tour.


Notre dernier jour dans les jardins de la Villa Maria Seréna - avec un banc de pierre soutenu par un couple de lions usés par les intempéries.

La vue de la vieille ville à partir de ce jardin est l'une des meilleures de Menton et nous y reviendrons donc sans doute , mais pour le moment, merci d'avoir suivi cette petit tournée dans les jardins.


  1. Anonymous17 June, 2011

    Good morning Jilly,
    so now we know from where to take the best photos of the old town of Menton! Many thanks! I surely will take a look next time and visit this lovely garden! Thanks for sharing!
    Barbara from Germany

  2. It's been such a pleasure to come on tour of this beautiful garden Jilly, thank you.

  3. A garden with a view is a double pleasure. A garden is its own view.

    This must be a Riviera trend to have gardens with a view. The garden next to the Oceanographic Institute in Monaco has a great view, as does the garden at the heights of Eze.

  4. Thank you for bringing us along. I can almost smell the sweetness in the air, Jilly. This has given us all a lovely respite from our busy lives.

  5. It's the little details like this bench that can really enhance any garden. I enjoyed the stroll in the garden with you.

    Bon weekend!

  6. Beautiful. Thanks for the tour. I esp. love that winding path in the second photo.

  7. j'aurais peur de me faire mordre les mollets, une fois assis

  8. Delicious bench! and pleasant garden! you too are very inspiring, dear Jilly!!
    i hope everything is well at home! Have a nice week-end!

  9. Karen USA17 June, 2011

    Thanks for taking us along, Jilly. It is beautiful.

  10. Thank you for your series of photos on the gardens of the villa Maria Serena. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

  11. This bench is so simple and unassuming, while at the same time having lovely carving. It is perfect for the location. Excellent!


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