11 June 2011

Gardens: Maria Serena - the Banana

A impressive banana palm near the entrance to the gardens.


Un bananier impressionnant près de l'entrée du jardin.


  1. That just looks so warm and tropical Jilly, so good!!

  2. These look like squat little sugar bananas, Jilly. I am trying to refrain from commenting on the shape ...

  3. what an extraordinary blossom.

  4. I've never seen one close up--thanks for showing it.

  5. Anonymous11 June, 2011

    Just discovered your blog after seeing a comment you posted on Raf's Port Townsend photo a day blog. I love all your photos. You have a very talented eye for spotting a great subject! It is so great to be able to visit places far away, dream and be inspired....just by visiting a blog! I am adding your blog to my list of "other nests to visit." I am sure other readers will enjoy seeing your beautiful photos! Have a beautiful day and keep the great photos coming for us! Kim

  6. Nope. We certainly do not have those palms in Connecticut.

  7. Wow! Interesting blooms!!!

    And nope...no banana trees in Mammoth either!!!

  8. Banana flowers are usually a deep burgundy colour. Interesting that this one is more like golden. I wonder if it's a decorative variety or just a different type?

    I'm really enjoying the tour of these magnificent gardens with you.


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