12 November 2012

Dawn over Menton

Dawn from my terrace ten days ago.  Now you know why I get up early!

 You'll find a dusk photo on Monte Carlo Daily Photo.


L'aube vue de ma terrasse il y a dix jours. Maintenant vous savez pourquoi je me lève tôt!

Vous trouverez une photo du crépuscule sur ​​Monte Carlo Daily Photo.


  1. Rise and shine, was a common expression over here. I guess the shine park was expected after you got cleaned up. Those days were before tubs and showers. A wash pan and a wash rag made you shine like a new penny.

    Sunrise or morning is the best time in the world, I think, for photography where I live as it illuminates the things I photograph in my limited backyard space. The afternoon sun is actually better but then I have shadows to deal with and those are not always so welcome.

    I appreciate your visit and comment about my good looks 57 years ago. You ought to see me now. LOL

    Those were the days when how you looked seemed important to me and to everybody. Nowadays, not so sure. My wife was a zinger. She still is but after 57 years of marriage we are both just growing older together. She is 76, and I am 78.

  2. wish i could be standing on that terrace beside you, drinking in that exquisite sunrise and the pleasure of your company.

  3. Hi Jilly,

    I'd be up early every day with views like this! What a lovely start to the day.

  4. Great use of your zoom Jilly, and yes I know that you rise early (and why) :-)


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