15 November 2012

The English Tea House - Jenna and Jacky

The English Tea House in Menton is run by Jenna and her father, Christian.  Here is Jenna with their chef, Jacky.

Christian is French, his wife, Diane is English - so Jenna is a natural fit for an Englsh tea house in a French town.

Tomorrow: the cakes, the cakes ...

The English Tea House à Menton est gérée par Jenna et son père, Christian. Voici Jenna avec leur chef, Jacky.

Christian est français, sa femme, Diane est anglaise - ainsi Jenna convient naturellement  pour une maison de thé anglaise dans une ville française.

Demain: les gâteaux, les gâteaux ...


  1. Vous me faites envie avec cette maison de thés !

  2. Lovely set of portraits Jilly. My favourite is the bottom one but the first sets the scene with all the tea pots in the beackground, so that's good. I wish the English Tea House in Menton every success.

  3. And they both look so happy with what they are doing. Nice pictures!

  4. bring on the cakes, please.

  5. The portraits of the two ladies are really nice: I'm not much of a tea drinker, but I guess I would be ready for a try! :-)

  6. I'm so glad you posted about the English Tea House. I've been dying to get over there and post about it too. Looks lovely from the outside. This Saturday will be the day!

  7. Sounds like a great place for Mentonians.


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