10 November 2012

Two Ladies ...

... waiting for a train.  


... dans l'attente d'un train. 


  1. They totally look like mother and daughter. I wonder what the older one is saying... They are sharing a snack but the younger one looks pained... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. This is a wonderful shot, Jilly. I appreciate how the conversion to B&W allows me to more concentrate on the body language. I love that they are both slouched, and the cupping of their hands, but most especially, I love the plant of their feet. That you have them off centre just increases the interest factor for me.

    Brava ...

  3. i fear they have been waiting far too long.

  4. They could be taking some autumn sun at a park here in St. Louis. Maybe the two cities are not too different? That's a joke, of course.


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