28 January 2013

Broc Troc - the Dummy

There is one particular vendor who comes each year to the Broc Troc.  He buys up items from factories that are no longer in existence. Last year it was a doll factory.  This year he has dozens of very old shop dummies for sale.

We'll see more of the different styles of dummy tomorrow. 


 Chaque année, il y a un vendeur particulier qui vient au Broc Troc. Il achète de la marchandise provenant d'usines en cessation d'activités. L'année dernière, c'était une fabrique de poupées. Cette année, il a des dizaines de mannequins de boutiques très anciens à vendre.

Demain, nous verrons d'autres styles de mannequins .


  1. Ah ha ha, what a great moment in time you captured Jilly. I wouldn't expect anything less from you but the action in this photo makes all the difference. Love it!

  2. I could come up with lots of ideas for how to use these mannequins, but I am sure my wife wouldn't let me buy any.


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