15 January 2013

Menton's Cat Show - the Ragdoll

This is a breed of cat called Ragdoll.  Apparently it really relaxes, even goes limp, when you pick it up although this one - the only Rag doll at the Menton Cat show -  didn't seem to do that.  Amazing blue eyes and colourpoint coat, don't you think? I gather they are a mix of Persian and Birman cat.


Voici un chat de la race Ragdoll. Apparemment, il se décontracte quand on le soulève  bien que celui-ci - le seul Ragdoll à l'exposition féline de Menton - ne semble pas faire cela. Étonnants yeux bleus et manteau colourpoint, n'est-ce pas? Je crois que c'est un mélange de chats Persan et  Birman. 


  1. It's beautiful! Look at the eyes!
    I like it more than the cats you showed the other day. It has a "normal" nose, not the flat one of some breedings which cause them problems with breathing...
    Barbara from Germany

  2. i'm looking for you, jilly, reflected in those amazing eyes.

  3. Ragdolls are gorgeous cats and this one is no exception!!! Don't know about their personality, but this one appears to be a feisty one!!!

  4. Excellent crop - spectacular eyes!


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