25 January 2013

Colours of Winter

Don't you love the colours? The blues of sea and sky, the red hair, the purple scarf - winter conversation in Menton yesterday.


N'aimez-vous pas ces couleurs? Les bleus de la mer et du ciel, la chevelure rouge, l'écharpe violette - une conversation hivernale hier à Menton.


  1. Sometimes in a scene like this with bold, layered colors, Julie will adjust her tripod so it can pan and take a photo on a very slow shutter while panning. It captures just the colors. At night it captures the lights a streaks.

  2. brrr, it looks cold. stay warm, dear jilly.

  3. Excellent! I can see her words flying from her mouth, between the two of them, and off into the sky. Any moment now, I expect the woman with the brilliant red hair to turn to her and ask here to face her front on and say it all again, once they have reached a spot out of the cold wind. Thanks, Jilly.


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