18 January 2013

Cemetery - Poignancy

It's been a while since I walked up to the old cemetery above Menton but whenever I do I'm always overwhelmed by the beauty, the poignancy, the stories I don't know ... and those I do.

Inspiration came from Owen Phillips whose passion is to photograph cemeteries, rust, decay.  He takes beautiful photographs - do  check him out at Owen Phillips Photography France.


Voilà un moment  que je ne suis entrée dans l'ancien cimetière au-dessus de Menton, mais chaque fois que je le fais,  je suis toujours subjuguée par la beauté, l'émotion, les histoires que je ne connais pas ... et celles que je connais. Plus de détails,  demain à propos de cette tombe.

L'inspiration est venue d'Owen Phillips dont la passion est de photographier les cimetières  la  rouille, le délabrement. Il prend de belles photos - allez voir à: Owen Phillips Photography France.


  1. This one manages quiet sadness without being treacly, unusual for cemetery sculpture. My favorite from when we were there is http://flic.kr/p/ak5H2H

  2. I like decay, too. I wonder why it attracts me so much. This is lovely.


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