25 June 2013

Méchoui - Aperitifs and Spuds

The sheep are slowly roasting over the fire, the jacket potatoes will go into this brazier.  Meanwhile, people are arriving and it's time for an aperitif - or two ...


Les moutons  rôtissent lentement sur le feu, les pommes de terre en robe des champs iront dans ce brasier. Pendant ce temps, les gens arrivent et c'est le moment de prendre un apéritif - ou deux ...


  1. I'm excited for the potatoes, but I feel sorry for the sheep!

  2. Hi jilly,
    Who's the winner of the 'competition time' contest? Hoped to receive a postcard from Gorbio..;-)

  3. Gosh I forgot! Sorry. Will get the dogs to judge it tomorrow !

  4. Pour us one, please. It's amazing how much better they taste in the south of France.

  5. I don't think I would want to watch an entire animal being cooked when I can recognize the shape of the animal.


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