05 June 2013

The Fried Egg Flower

You see this beautiful plant from time to time in the gardens of the south. Here it is at the Serre de la Madone. It's Latin name is Romneya coulteri and it originates from Mexico. The common names are Matilija poppy or fried egg flower - and you can see why!

It grows from rhizomes - hard to get going at first but later it can take over a hillside. Pretty, isn't it?


Vous voyez parfois cette belle plante  dans les jardins du sud. Ici, elle pousse à la Serre de la Madone. Son nom latin est Romneya coulteri et elle est originaire du Mexique. Ses noms communs sont Pavot de Matilija ou de fleur d'oeufs au plat - et vous pouvez voir pourquoi!

Elle  se développe à partir de rhizomes - difficile en début de croissance, mais par la suite, elle peut coloniser une colline. Jolie, n'est-ce pas?


  1. I like both hearty flowers and those that have delicate blooms like this one. Very attractive.

  2. Anonymous05 June, 2013

    Lovely flowers!
    Barbara from Germany

  3. An appropriate name indeed. It looks very much like the peonies in my garden. I think I will call them fried egg flowers as well. :)

  4. Both of the names are appropriate. With the frilly edges, it does look like a poppy, and the coloration and flatness suggest a fried egg.


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