02 June 2013

Palais Carnoles - Végétal Emoi

The gardens of the Palais Carnoles in Menton are famous for citrus fruit and also for the dozens of scuptures on display. And at the moment, there's an extra surprise, an exhibition of beautiful photography, called Végétal Emoi, by the Nice-based group Collectif Photon. Here you see photographs by Henri Limousin, Valerie Marco and Jacqueline Miot. The exhibition continues until the 27th October.


Les jardins du Palais Carnolès à Menton sont célèbres pour leurs agrumes et aussi pour les dizaines de sculptures qui y sont exposées. Et en ce moment, il y a une surprise supplémentaire, une belle exposition de  photographies appelée: Végétal Emoi, par le  groupe niçois Collectif Photon. Ici, vous voyez les photographies de Henri Limousin, Valérie Marco et Jacqueline Miot. L'exposition se poursuit jusqu'au 27 Octobre. 


  1. Nice!!! Palais Carnoles is a hidden gem - just 50 meters off the beach.

    On a sidenote: did your pictures get smaller or shall we buy your book?

  2. There is no exhibition of photography in or about Menton that could top your Daily Photo blog.

  3. i have a friend here, a remarkable photographer, who is working in a similar style these days. she no longer uses a camera. her images are spare and as elegant as poetry. much like these.

  4. Boy from the Beach, yes I have reduced the size of photos. Seems easier for uploading and also for when people view the page.

    The book will be about my village,Gorbio - it's people, the day to day life, culture and how I love it!


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