27 January 2014

Broc Troc - the Seller

The Broc Troc took place last weekend in t he Palais de l'Europe. Hundreds of stands of antiques, collectables, junk and second-hand clothes and often the people selling are as interesting as what they are selling.


Le Broc Troc a eu lieu le week end  dernier, au Palais de l'Europe. Des centaines de stands d'antiquités,d' objets de collection, de bazar, de vêtements d'occasion et souvent de vendeurs qui sont aussi intéressants que la marchandise qu'ils vendent.


  1. Just the sort of clothing you should wear to a wedding...

  2. This guy would totally fit on Hollywood boulevard. He is french?

  3. William, absolutely. And Nadege,yes he's French.

    I adore characters like this. Each year he wears mad original clothes.

  4. Getting attention never hurt a salesman but this pushes the envelope.


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