21 January 2014

'Il Etait Une Fois' - Lunch

'Il Etait Une Fois" - This is the same dish we saw yesterday (a slightly different presentation) with a view of the outside tables and sea in the background.

Left: Seafood pasta. 3rd photo: Breast of duck with 4-spice sauce, crumble of reinette apples with spiced shortbread biscuits served with tiny vegetables.


C'est le même plat que nous avons vu hier (présentation légèrement différente) avec vue sur les tables à l'extérieur et la mer en arrière-plan.

A gauche: Pâtes aux fruits de mer et la 3ème photo: Magret de canard sauce aux quatre épices, crumble de pommes reinettes et sablés aux épices servi avec des petits légumes. 


  1. It looks artistic and very nice.
    And what a view from the table.

  2. I would have to go for the duck... I've never developed much of a taste for seafood.

  3. No wonder the French are slim! This looks delicious but I'd need two.

  4. Love the first photo. It tells me that when I take photos of plated food, I should consider including some of the setting in the bokeh.


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