16 January 2014

The Day without Cars!

On the first Sunday of each month, the Promenade de Soleil is fenced off to cars and motor-bikes. Everyone loves it. People walk their dogs, kids ride bikes - and so do adults. Families eat in one of the many restaurants without worrying that their children could get run over. A great idea!


Chaque  premier dimanche du mois, la Promenade du Soleil est interdite aux voitures et aux motos. Tout le monde aime cela. Les gens promènent leurs chiens, les enfants font du vélo -  atout comme les adultes. Les familles déjeunent dans un des nombreux restaurants sans craindre que leurs enfants puissent se faire écraser. Une très bonne initiative!


  1. I think so too, Jilly. The waiters probably feel a little safer too. That traffic to Italy really moves fast, especially when you have a tray full of food to shuttle across the street.

  2. We need more days like this!


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