30 January 2014

Broc Troc: The Sheik and the Baker's Wife

The seller of these old photos said they were originally made to hang outside a cinema to entice the customers in. The Sheik's Fiancee with Ramon Navarro and Pagnol's The Baker's Wife with Raimu.


Le vendeur de ces vieilles photos disait qu'à l'origine, elles étaient destinées à être  affichées à l'extérieur d'un cinéma pour attirer les clients. 'La fiancée du Cheikh' avec Ramon Navarro et 'La Femme du Boulanger' de Pagnol avec Raimu.


  1. A throwback to the old days of cinema... good shots!

  2. Jilly, you have found some very interesting things at the Broc Troc.

  3. She doesn't look happy about the situation. Time for a performance of The Abduction From The Seraglio.


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