08 November 2014

Game of Stones

This is the second photo from a few I took of this little boy playing with a stone near the Monument to the Fallen in Roquebrune village.  It's nice to see a child playing with something that isn't a portable device.

The first photo can be seen HERE.


Ceci est la deuxième photo parmi d'autres que j'ai prises de ce jeune garçon jouant avec une pierre, près du monument aux morts du village de Roquebrune. Il est agréable de voir un enfant jouant avec quelque chose qui est pas un appareil portable.
La première photo peut être vu ICI.


  1. Quite a contrast in the image. I like the sense of endurance in the monument.

  2. I'm sitting next to Madeleine on the sofa at my daughter's house as I write this. Emily tries hard to avoid her exposure to electronic screens. However, the immediate problem is she's trying to pull off the screen backwards from my Macbook. Hooray for this boy.


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