22 November 2014

PhotoMenton 2014 - Children and Dogs

Nearly every day a class or two from one of Menton's schools visits PhotoMenton. Here is one class sitting in front of my display of dogs, It was fun to discover how many knew the names of the various dog breeds represented and to listen to them talk of their own dogs. The second photo shows more clearly the 12 photos I presented - hope you enjoy them.


Presque chaque jour une ou deux classes ou deux d'une des écoles de Menton visitent PhotoMenton. En voici, assise devant mon affichage de chiens. Il était amusant de découvrir combien d'entre eux  connaissaient les noms des diverses  races de chiens représentées et d' écouter ce qu'ils racontaient de leurs propres chiens. La deuxième photo montre plus clairement les 12 photos j'ai présentées - j'espère qu'elles vous plairont.



  1. I cannot imagine any other image than dogs or animals that could interest children more! What a gift to give students. . .a view of a photographer's work!! Congratulations!!

  2. wonderful exhibit of canine portraits!

  3. Quite a collection of canines!

  4. A like the variety of images, perhaps the ones with owners best. The one on the right of a dog (dachshund) pulling its straining owner is my favorite.

  5. Oh, that is so good. You are the dog photographer par excellence but the light on the children's faces...


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