14 November 2014

One fine day!

We've had the worst weather here. Endless rain.  I think the highest rainfall ever in October and it continues. However, yesterday the sun shone. Tomorrow the rain is due back.  So here we are, just below the cemetery looking towards Italy. The old port on the right and in the distance, the Port of Garavan and beyond that Italy.


Nous avons eu le pire temps ici. De la pluie sans fin. Je pense que ce sont les plus fortes précipitations jamais tombées en Octobre et cela continue. Cependant  hier, le soleil brillait. Aujourd'hui, on prévoit le retour de la  pluie. Donc nous sommes ici juste en dessous du cimetière, regardant vers l'Italie. Sur la droite le vieux port, au loin le port de Garavan et au-delà, l'Italie.


  1. Such a beautiful harbour, Jilly.

    Menton came up here the other day... a mention by a veteran in our War Museum about the Devil's Brigade in WW2 disbanding there.

  2. How interesting William. Had no idea about that. Once again, thanks so much for your comments every day. I don't know how you do it but I do appreciate it.

  3. Regarding the weather, this fall seems exceedingly wet on the Riviera .. but, this also makes for very clear air.
    When I look at the Riviera Web Cam on your page, on some days in November it shows me the Esterel Mountains - behind Cannes - razor sharp with clear Massif de Maures - behind St Tropez - in the background. If I were to point my view to the south, there should be more than a hint of Corsica.

  4. We've had lots of rain here too and I've thought of you every time. I hope the nice weather stays a bit!


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