12 November 2014

Mama Mia

You just know this Italian Mama in Dolceacqua is going to be the most amazing cook, don't you? But then, aren't all Italian mothers great cooks!


On devine aussitôt que cette Mama italienne de Dolceacqua doit être la cuisinière la plus incroyable, n'est-ce pas ? Mais en fait, toutes les mères italiennes ne sont-elles pas de grandes cuisinières!


  1. And the more Italian food, the better. Terrific portrait!

  2. The lighting and high contrast make a very dramatic picture. Yes, every Italian mama is supposed to be a great cook but this one is a little scary.

  3. Yes, she looks like she knows her way around a kitchen.

  4. I agree with Bob. She might be using a cauldron instead of a cooking pot!

  5. quel beau portrait
    très photogénique cette dame

  6. I'm all with Bob and Petrea. When the image on my computer I could only see her face and upper torso (no arms and body) against the wall and she looked like a ghost popping straight out the wall, it was downright scary !


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