21 November 2014

PhotoMenton 2014 - Smoke gets in your Eyes

Of course photography exhibitions attract other photographers, as you see her. And often the work on display is intriguing. Roch Chinchila (great name!) has taken photos of smoke and then, in Photoshop, he has built up the colours layer by layer.


Bien sûr les expositions de photographie attirent d'autres photographes, comme vous le voyez. Et souvent le travail exposé est fascinant. Roch Chinchila (super nom!) a pris des photos de fumée et ensuite, avec Photoshop il a rajouté les couleurs couche par  couche.


  1. What an interesting technique. Is there no limit to creativity?! I am surprised that photographs are allowed. Even when I go to craft fairs in the summer, some prohibition is maintained.

  2. Photoshopping can be very beautiful, but so is pure photography like yours, Jilly. It makes time stand still while a nanosecond of truth is captured for people to see and enjoy for as long and as often as they like.

  3. Kate, oh yes, everyone has a camera at PhotoMenton! Normally the visitors ask if they can take a photo but not always. On the other hand cameras are not permitted in some of the museums.

    Katern, Thanks so much for your words. Really means a lot. xxx

  4. I generally don't take pictures of other people's photos, preferring to make my own. However, this technique is inspired.

  5. Roch Chinchilla, one of my favorite...


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