10 December 2014

A Winter Wedding - the Mother of the Bride

A kiss on the hand for baby, Emma from her beautiful grandmother. I love the tenderness in this photo. And I love the elegance of this lady.  What is it about French women?  Slim, perfect hair, beautiful jewellry, elegant.


Un bisou de sa belle grand-mère sur la main de bébé Emma. J'aime la tendresse de cette photo. Et j'aime l'élégance de cette dame. Comment font les femmes françaises? Minceur, cheveux parfaits, beaux bijoux, élégance.



  1. All woman radiate elegance when they are comfortable in their own skin - there just appears to be more of these woman in France. Amicalement

  2. A moment of tenderness. Wonderful that it was caught on camera!

  3. Her face says it all, and you captured it, Jilly. I love being a grandmere aussi.


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