02 December 2014

Wine Bar

A wine bar in the pedestrian street of Menton. This was taken at the end of October, when we had some sunshine! It's getting hard to remember what sunshine was like ...


Un bar à vin dans la rue piétonne de Menton. Ceci a été pris à la fin d'octobre, quand nous avions un peu de soleil! Il devient dur de se rappeler à quoi ressemble le soleil ...


  1. Hear hear. no sunshine in Haninge since October so I know what you mean.

  2. So sorry to miss you on my visit last week but I had a fabulous time in spite of the rain and wind. On Friday morning I felt so lucky to see a rainbow when a tiny bit of sun peaked through the clouds. Hope you are well and hope to see you the next time I visit your part if the world!

  3. She looks like quite a character!

    We've had more than our fair share of cloudy, bleak days here... at least today started out with clear skies.

  4. I hope to share a glass of wine there with you one of these days!


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