04 December 2014

La Maison Maulandi

This is one of Gorbio's old houses, the Maison Maulandi.  It's currently undergoing renovations, which are almost finished.  A corner of this ancient building has been removed to facilitate access to  the square with the 301 year old elm tree.

As you can see the work has been meticulously done by expert stone masons. There used to be two doors in the lower half which has been transformed into a bus shelter for children and adults.


Voici l'une des vieilles maisons de Gorbio, la Maison Maulandi. Elle est actuellement en cours de rénovation et c'est presque fini. Un coin de cette ancienne bâtisse a été enlevé pour faciliter l'accès à la place du vieil orme de 301 ans.

Comme on peut le voir, le travail a été méticuleusement effectué par des tailleurs de pierre experts. Dans la partie inférieure, là où il y avait deux portes on a crée en un abribus pour les enfants et les adultes.


  1. I do like it! It's a building with character.

  2. The stonework is beautiful. I think I took the picture of three neighborhood ladies on the steps to the right.

  3. William, I believe it's one of the oldest buildings in the village. Bob, yes I think you did.

  4. It's just amazing how they can "play" with this old building.
    And I love how European houses have names.


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