01 December 2014

Cats and Motorbikes

What is it about cats and motorbikes?  This cat, when he's not sleeping on the altar in Gorbio's church,  he's getting comfortable on someone's motorbike.


Qu'y a-t-il entre les chats et les motos ? Ce chat, s'il ne dort pas sur l'autel dans l'église de Gorbio, vient s'installer confortablement sur la moto de quelqu'un.


  1. Warmth is my guess.....

    My cat used to love the bonnets of recently parked cars

  2. He sleeps on the altar?!

  3. Yes he does, Dina. In fact it's a side altar - he sneaks in the door when a visitor goes in. The church is always open. Somewhere I've published a pic of him in the church...


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