28 December 2014

The orange trees of Menton

On the edges of the Jardins Bioves, the Bird of Paradise is in flower and the orange trees are laden with fruit.  Not long now and it'll be time for the Fete du Citron. 


Sur les côtés du Jardins Biovès, 'l'Oiseau de Paradis' est en fleur et les orangers sont chargés de fruits. Bientôt,  ce sera le temps de la Fête du Citron.


  1. I wonder if the people appreciate to be so rich in oranges!
    What a delight it must be to pick a fresh one from the tree and eat it!
    Barbara from Germany

  2. That cute pup's watching you!

  3. I just don't understand how these grow so lushly in mid-winter. We'd love to see the festival, though.


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