01 May 2016

'Copy' handbags

Sit down outside a bar in Ventimiglia, especially on market day, and you will be offered 'copy' handbags by the African vendors.


Asseyez-vous à la terrasse d'un bar à Vintimille, en particulier le jour du marché et il vous sera proposé des 'copies' de sacs à main par des vendeurs Africains.


  1. A problem that I wouldn't have to deal with... until they started, "one for your wife?"

  2. They sell them as copies? Everyone knows they are fakes but there are no such honest representations on the streets of Paris or New York. They keep their wares on sheets, to make a quick bundle if the police are nearby.

  3. I've always thought that street-selling would be such a hard thing to do. Maybe selling these knock-offs is illegal, but at least it shows initiative!


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