28 May 2016

High Heels?

The rules at the Cannes Film Festival state that the women must wear heels! So this lady has quickly changed into hers and has packed her flat shoes in her handbag. Note: Julia Roberts (good for her!) protested at this and walked the red carpet in bare feet.


Les règles du Festival du Film de Cannes exigent que les femmes  portent des talons! Donc, cette dame a changé rapidement les siennes et a emballé ses chaussures plates dans son sac à main. Notez: Julia Roberts (bien pour elle !) a protesté contre cela et a foulé le tapis rouge les pieds nus.


  1. Oh, how we love rebels!! Julia Roberts certainly can get away with breaking rules, esp a stupid rule.

  2. That rule is bloody stupid. Terrific shot, though!

  3. Karen USA28 May, 2016

    Bravo, Julia!

  4. A good strategy but brava for Roberts. Carolyn thinks high heels are insane and dangerous, and won't have anything to do with them.

  5. Julia Roberts really did this? Wow, I love her even more now. Good for her!!!


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