14 May 2016

Ventimiglia - gangster with gloves?

Ventimiglia market yesterday:  this guy looks like a gangster with a gun in his belt, but in fact they are black leather gloves. And he has more leather gloves sticking out of his belt at the front.  I asked who he was. Someone said 'a policeman' and someone else said 'a comedian.'

Le marché Ventimiglia hier: ce mec ressemble à un gangster avec un pistolet dans sa ceinture, mais en fait, ils sont des gants en cuir noir. Et il a plus de gants de cuir qui sortait de sa ceinture à l'avant. J'ai demandé qui il était. Quelqu'un a dit «un policier» et quelqu'un d'autre a dit «un comédien.


  1. Weird spot to put your gloves. It's the pinstripe suit that evokes gangster to me.

  2. Some people do confuse the two. i can't imagine that you carry an open gun like that in Italy, or anywhere in Europe. You sure can here.

  3. To me, he looks like a typical security guard.
    Nice photo, Mme. Jilly! I wish I could be shopping there right now.

  4. Gloves???? I had to look twice.
    Plus, why would you carry gloves around that way? Doesn't make sense. How weird.

    He does look like a security guard to me. Interesting responses you got when you tried to inquire. It seems to me the real story remains to be told.


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