03 May 2016

The Wyandotte

Isn't he a beautiful cockerel? He's a Wyandotte and lives with his three females in the gardens of the Clos du Peyronnet in Menton. The Wyandottes were a Red Indian tribe.


N'est-ce pas un beau coq? C' est un Wyandotte et vit avec ses trois poules dans les jardins du Clos du Peyronnet à Menton. Les Wyandottes étaient une tribu d'Indiens Peaux-Rouges.


  1. Goodness he is a beauty Jilly, looks like he may be blowing his own trumpet there :)

  2. Quite a distinguished looking fellow!

  3. And the name of a county in the suburbs of Kansas City where Carolyn has family. There's probably a connection with the names.


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