16 May 2016

Monaco Historic Grand Prix - and a Fiat bicycle

 A cute Fiat bike is a great way for this lady to whizz around the paddock area or to get back to her yacht. It is designed to fit into the rear boot of the Fiat 500.


 Un joli vélo Fiat est un excellent moyen pour cette dame pour filer  autour de la zone des paddocks et revenir à son yacht. Il est conçu pour tenir dans le coffre arrière de la Fiat 500.


  1. It looks like an easy way to get about.

  2. If I had a yacht, I wouldn't even mind walking! I haven't been commenting for a few days because of a family emergency. Go here for explanation: http://visualstpaul.blogspot.com/2016/05/memorial-for-my-sister.html


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