16 November 2007

The caves of Balzi Rossi - 4

Finally we've reached the entrance to the Grotta di Florestano - Florestano's Cave. Tomorrow we'll walk further inside and see what we see.

There are in fact seven caves at Balzi Rossi but only two can be visited, Florestan's Cave and Caviglioni's Cave. In another cave, the Barma Grande, the famous 'triple burial' -skeletons of a Cro-Magnon adult male, girl and young boy, were discovered. These are on display in a glass case in the museum.

As I mentioned yesterday, I've written a personal account of my visit to the Caves of Balzi Rossi on my writing blog.

...and on a completely different subject, if you fancy a Night Out in Monte Carlo - a series which starts today - please click on Monte Carlo Daily Photo.


  1. The photos and the information you have provided for the last few days have been fascinating posts. Have a great week-end, Jilly!

  2. You are a good writer, Jilly, in addition to being a good photographer !

  3. I'm going to make sure I keep up with you - look what happened to the poor guys who went with you last time and didn't keep up!!!

  4. Fascinating Jilly. I feel as though I have been on the tour with you... and I can't wait to get back tomorrow and see what is next!

  5. Great series of photos. That must be a little frightening to be walking on that small bridge over the rails when a train is whistling by.

  6. I wonder what happened to them...what killed them. Hmmm...I'll go check out your writing blog to get the rest of the story :)

  7. You are a good writer, Jilly, in addition to being a good photographer !

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