27 November 2007

Come fly with me - 3

Coming in to land... this is the Pointe de Cabbé, which is at the far end of the beach on which the paraglider will land. He looks as if he might be caught up in trees, but he's not. I did get some phots of him landing but they weren't good enough - I was too far away, as you can see by the size of the man on the beach.

Soon, I intend taking the Promenade designed by the celebrated architect, Le Corbusier. He lived in a cabanon on Cap Martin and was tragically drowned whilst swimming. It's a wonderful walk that starts at the point of Cap Martin and goes all the way to Monaco. The walk passes just above the rocks, and if I choose a nice day I'm sure there will be paragliders landing. So more photographs and perhaps a close-up of a landing - one day.
Have you paraglided? Would you like to?


  1. I always wanted to do this. Since I was 14. But now I'm a little bit scared: my brother-in-law had a terrible accident while paragliding and he almost lost his right leg. He will limp all his life... so... I don't know... But your photos are SO tempting... ufff!!!

  2. These are nice photographs. The color of the water is really nice and the beach and surrounding areas are really nice too.

    Thanks for your visits.

  3. de tres belles photos. Je ne connaissais pas l'histoire de la triste fin de Le Corbusier. on attend les photos du cabanon

  4. Beautiful beautiful photos, Jilly. The colour of the sea.... I need it NOW!

    Wouldn't mind living in that first house by the sea either, the terraced garden is just splendid.

    Never envisaged paragliding, although my husband became quite addicted to it for a couple of years. I have a fear of heights so can't possibly contemplate throwing myself off a cliff. But I must say they are beautiful to watch.

    "My" beach in Australia was a paragliding site and I loved watching them. And here I find myself talking about OZ again!!!

  5. and BTW, thanks for your comments on my blog. Really appreciate your kind support.

  6. Nice photos. This is one sport I prefer to watch.
    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  7. It would be such a thrill to do it, but it's thrilling also to have you take us on this wonderful tour. You must be getting really fit, taking us all over this marvellous terrain.
    These photos are magnif...

  8. Oh, Jilly... This series is a dream. I've never paraglided, but it shall give it a try one day. My sisters-in-law are expert paragliders! I'm such a chicken sometimes...

    The color of that water... How absolutely beautiful.

  9. Absolutely do the sentier route around Cap Martin. Bring your camera and lunch, don't race through it. (I actually saw people jogging the whole route!)Beutiful landscapes and sea!

  10. I have not gone paragliding before. But I can only imagine how dreamy gliding over the city and that scenery. It must be something very special.

  11. Stunning pics Jilly, and the color of the water is not hurting anything either! WOW! That's an amazing place, and your photos and descriptions make me want to visit! No, never did. Yes, I would like to, but would I?

  12. What a spectacular photo!

    I bet the view from the paraglider is amazing.


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