06 November 2007

Sunday, Sunday in Menton

Taken last Sunday, when the street along the sea was closed to traffic, the world and his wife, not to mention his children, dogs and bicycles, were out in force.

A time and place for one man to sit and read his Sunday newspaper - oh and check his portable phone, bien sûr.


  1. Crikey,
    Why would any bloke be gazing at his mobile phone, when there were French girls to survey?
    French men must be crazy !!
    Perhaps French men have it too good ?
    We shall see in August, je pense.

  2. Interesting shot, where is it?

  3. Comfy chairs! You know what I really like about this photo? Newspaper/cellphone guy excluded, the people are interacting with each other. No laptops! It almost looks like a 1980s shot. I like it a lot :).

  4. iBlowfish, this was taken near to the beach in the centre of Menton - very near to the Casino. Part of this road - not all - is closed to traffic on the first Sunday of each month. You have restaurants one side and tables and chairs (as seen here) the other - so the waiters have to cross the busy street normally. On the first Sunday of the month, tho it's easy. This was taken before they'd started serving lunch.

  5. Great photo!! Jilly, I cannot believe this. I really enjoyed this post. what a sight!!!

  6. I am always amazed at the leisure lifestyle you photograph so well. It must be wonderful to be there in that climate with those people. Or, as they say here, are they a pain in the arse?

    I have been busy lately adding new segments to my website. I just added horses.


  7. I think I "perceived" some irony in your "propos" :-))

    The weather is as good in Montpellier. It is not normal at this time of the year, don't you think?

  8. Leisure under frou-frou umbrellas. What a life!

  9. C'est tres belle!

    You've been noted in my post today! Have a good weekend.


  10. I love sun in winter at seaside at our latitude(I mean in Liguria and Cote d'Azur). Far from cold, fog and pollution...


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