06 November 2007

Plage aux Chiens

The beach between two rows of rocks is reserved for dogs. Here you see just one row. Plastic bins stand either side ready for the owners to drop in their dogs' crottes. This pebble beach is in front of the casino. Further along, in Garavan, there are some sandy beaches - imported sand.


  1. Picking up your dog's poo on a pebble beach might prove fairly unsuccessful if the droppings aren't dry enough... but let's not get into detail. Do you ever take your dogs there ?

  2. If I squint my eyes hard enough, that could be me and Donovan...Hey, I said if I squint hard ;-)

    I wonder if the pebbles hurt little paws...

  3. It's great there is a place for the dogs on the beach.

  4. Dogs love the beach, wonderful there is a place there for them to run and have fun.
    My Jack russell loves the beach and I just published a photo book of just dogs at the beach titled Salty Dogs!

  5. The water looks so calm and the girl and her dog look completely "at home". Lovely photos of a pretty spot.

  6. The dog seems to be enjoying the scenery.
    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo


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