20 November 2007


This Laverie (laundry) is one of many shops and restaurants that line the beautiful old Port of Garavan. These two men - plus bikes - could be in a country village in the middle of France somewhere, couldn't they? Well, except for the palm just showing and the oleander to the left! I would imagine the Laverie is mostly used by the yachties who live on their boats in the harbour.


  1. They say women can talk but men are always in little groups yaking away, aren't they? lol :-D

  2. LOL at the previous comments!

    Jilly, does Menton have non-smoking laws? What would you say is the percentage of smokers in your area?

  3. Fenix, the smoking ban doesn't come into effect until the lst of January. At the moment there are lots of adverts on the television encouraging people to give it up. In Italy, where there is a ban, they now have covered outside areas where you can go and smoke.

    I haven't a clue on percentages of smokers but goodness, far far less than when I first came to France, I'd say.

    Actually some things make me laugh. Restaurants can have smoking bans on specific areas or tables and I've been in a restaurant, seen someone come in, sit down at a non-smoking are and the patron simply moves the No Smoking sign.

    On the other hand, there are some restaurants, particularly the starred ones that don't allow it.

  4. Even the laundries look quaint! I do hope they ban smoking inside the laundry - I think I would be mad to have my clean clothes smell like smoke! Jilly, I posted a photo of some four legged tourists to San Diego that I think you would appreciate.

  5. WOW! What a beautiful town! Cool capture. I'm cold, it looks warm there, wish I were there right now.

  6. Now that, Jilly, is a really neat shot of 'everday' life, if you ask me. I like it. It takes me away from my chores for a minute, daydreaming of travels to quaint French villages.

  7. Looks a lot better than the drab laundries around here.

    By the way, the best time to visit New Orleans is between January 1 and December 31. You are right though, Mardi Gras time gets a bit crowded. Thanks for stopping by my blog
    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  8. il y a une laverie a cote de chez moi, j'aime bien, on rencontre les mêmes personnes, on discute, c'est très convivial

  9. I love this photo for some reason. Maybe it's because of the border of green leaves at the bottom of the page OR the coordinated blue colors everywhere.

    Great capture.

  10. This is a great photo Jilly. Beautifully framed with the hedge in the foreground. Two chaps doing a little bit of washing and catching up while the machines do the work. Lovely!


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