26 November 2007

Come fly with me - 2

Roquebrune-cap-Martin borders Monaco and Menton. In this photo, you see Cap Martin jutting out to sea - the hill village of Roquebrune is higher and off to the left (you saw it yesterday). Behind me is the Principality of Monaco. The other side of Cap Martin, you'll find Menton.

The paragliders land at the Golfe Bleu beach which you see on the lower left of the photograph. You are only allowed to paraglide between the beginning of October and the end of April - and there are very strict rules following the death of a child some years ago. You can read more on the Roquebrunailes page.

Come back tomorrow for the landing!


  1. My insurance is paid up but I would still not want to do this. I love my unbroken neck.

    Would they do it down the beach farther away from eyes looking at them? I don't think so. Most of what people do includes two sides. The do-ee and the look-ee. If there are no look-ees the do-ees are seldom doing anything.

  2. So beautiful, so blue, and I am so envious!

  3. Beautiful landscape! I am jealous (but would be a bit scared myself) of the parachuting fellow!

  4. I like heights as long as there is a railing around me. It's nice to see this from the ground.

  5. That really is spectacular Jilly! What a wonderful photo... breathtaking for sure. I think, for that view, I would really consider trying it!

    And as to the Fenway, when I emailed them to let them know it was featured today, they responded with a new website link that shows what the Fenway will look like when it is finished. Here is the link if you like:
    The Fenway Hotel

    Thanks, and thanks for stopping by!

  6. magnifique prise de vue. même si jamais je mettrais les pieds sur un deltaplane, faut avouer qu'il doit avoir une vue superbe

  7. He must have quite a nice view!


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