24 May 2009

Chuckeroon's Menton - Facade

Today is the last day of this Guest Photographer series and Chuckeroon shows us the facade of the Old Town taken from the beach - one photograph in black and white and one in colour.

Thank you so much to Peter, Nathalie, Richard and Chuckeroon for sending their photos and most of all for the good times we had together. It's been just fascinating seeing how these talented photographers see Menton, Roquebrune, Gorbio and Monte Carlo.

I learned so much - how to see the 'bigger' picture and not always focus on the detail. Seeing shadows and reflections. And also learning to remember when I've changed settings on my camera! Don't ask!

Thanks Guys, come back soon!

Tomorrow - normal service will be resumed...


  1. Jilly - thanks for organising everything, including this series of guest photos. I'm sure we've all learned a lot by looking at it.

    Chuckeroons photo is a nice departure from the obvious panorama that just shouts to be taken when you visit Menton. The dark cypress and the Russian chapel make a nice anchor, and I like the way everything tumbles from them top right to bottom left.

  2. Anonymous24 May, 2009

    It looks like some kind of vertical maze. My house is up there is the puzzle part. How to get up there. It makes a surreal photo.

  3. Just WOW!
    Love this jig-saw puzzle-like angled shot. Makes you want to get up close and investigate each house.

  4. I've just spent the last few minutes studying both shots. I love the two different approaches (color, wide shot/b&w, cropped shot) and even though the subject matter is essentially the same in each photo, what a different feeling you get from the two images. There is so much visual information here. What a rich capture times two you've given us.

  5. Your idea to take all our different photos and show Menton through all our different eyes and styles has paid off.

    Thanks for looking after us and making sure that it all went smoothly.

    For me this was an exploration of what to look closer at next time! And it was a discovery of the positive side of the blogging world. New friends, new ideas, new perspectives.

  6. Thank to the guest photographers and many thanks Jilly for the virtual guided tour. I'm sold on the area anyway but this has been anew spin for me too. Now is a trip to see V in Paris on the cards for you I wonder?

  7. I'm so glad that you did not ask which photo we preferred because both are outstanding, each in its own right!

  8. So glad everyone enjoyed the Guest Photographers. Me too!

    Kate, I wouldn't have dared!

    Chuckeroon, if this is what you can produce the first time, I can't wait for the next! The same applies to Peter, Nathalie and Richard - I was astounded how instantly it seemed to me, that good photographers knew the shot they wanted and got it.

    Babooshka, how I'd love to visit Paris and meet Virginia but I have a particular dog at the moment who can't be left. I hope to meet Virginia tho one of these fine days. And you too one day, perhaps?

  9. Amazing, looks like a maze of a jig-saw puzzle put together... lovely photos!

  10. I'm so used to watch it in ochre, orange, yellow.
    A completely different view.


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