10 May 2009

May in Menton - the Deckchair

First choose your place. Next organise your deckchair. Now lean back and enjoy...

It's 8.45 h. Menton is in the distance with Italy beyond.

Apologies for lack of comments. It's a Blogger's Weekend at Menton with much photography, eating, drinking and laughter going on - with Nathalie from Avignon, Peter from Paris, Richard from Zurich and Chuckeroon from Richmond upon Thames. News and photos of a great weekend - which still continues...will appear from Tuesday. Wish you were all here...


  1. A blogging party, the Riviera. Jeaaaaaaaaaaalous! Hope much fun had.Tuesday will not come soon enough.

  2. Nice set of photos, not many early risers on Sunday. (On Sunday 8.45 is early rising to me!)

  3. I'm with Vogon poet, this is an interesting series, an intimate little story told in three chapters. And I'm with Babooshka on the jealousy issue. What a party!

  4. Well I think I can hear the laughter and the tinkling of glasses all the way to Alabama! Have fun everyone. I'm with B., want to see those photos. :)

    Love your photos. I'm laughing because I'm sure when I'm at the beach I'm fussing and fiddling getting all my gear just so. This lady packs light though. I've got envy written all over my face!

    PS Jilly, how's our girl doing without her friend? I hope she's not sad.

  5. Anonymous10 May, 2009

    Glad you guys could all get together. Sounds like a good time is coming up. Nice photos.

    My Birds Blog

  6. I like this view in the first photo! Nice to relax there:)

  7. Great series of photos. She looks intent on getting it just right!

    Hope you are all having a great time, can't wait for the photos :)

  8. I do hope this pretty beach is going to be one of your Pique nique spot during This blogger WE!!!

  9. Such torment to install such equipment, while it is so simple to use just a beach towel !

    The view is a dream , no ?


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