23 August 2009

Ste. Agnès: Fête de Lavande - Individuality

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The last day of the Fête de Lavande and we end as we began with a photo of a lavender display - (click on link) - but, this time, with a beautiful addition.

Meet Chrystine Cacciaguerra who is a designer and colourist working with her partner, Frédéric Pélissier. Remember the beautiful shop in the village. Chrystine is a designer and colourist who has worked in the environment sector of living and architecture since 1981.

But I didn't know any of this when I took the photograph. I saw a beautiful woman, wearing such original clothes - look at her shoes and silver jewellry. She wears a dress whose colour perfectly complements her fabulous grey hair. She is natural, comfortable in her skin (as the French say). How great it is to see a woman who doesn't feel the need to dye grey hair blonde, to dress in the latest fashions, to carry designer handbags. This woman is an individual, sexy, sensual, beautiful. And it's no surprise to learn she is an artist.

Tomorrow - back to Menton for a day or so - and then we have another Fête, in another village. That's summer in the south of France.

Later in the year, we'll come back to Ste. Agnès - we have the church to visit, the ruins of the Château, the Medieval Garden and of course we have to see the 'view.'


  1. Yes, I love her individuality (if not the ciggie). And I am always torn between French and Italian lavendar - used to have both in my garden, but haven't for a while; think I might have to start some more.

    As for the quote on my blog:

    I've no idea who "said" it, if anyone, and Google doesn't seem to know either (if you can believe that....unimaginable)! It's a rubber stamp I bought some time ago, and this is an Artist Trading Card I have made using 3 different stamps (background, woman, words) - it says a lot about my state of mind at the moment!

  2. Bravo for someone in France who doesn't dye their gray hair!HA She does have a very individual style and I know without asking that she would be someone I'd love to talk with. Great capture today Jilly. Sorry to leave this fête but there's another one on it's way, non?

  3. Any women smoking is not attractive.

  4. Agreed - unfortunately, the cigarette. Some say artists have to be a little crazy but the self-destructiveness of smoking is a bit too much for me.

  5. Super photo to end with :)

  6. Wonderful post Jilly, and so right.
    I'm not ready to accept my grey hair yet I'm afraid... I'll learn with time.


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